Q: How much honey powder should I use as a replacement for sugar in a drink?
A: One tea spoon of honey equals 2.8 grams of honey powder, honey powder is big on flavor but not as sweet as sugar.  For strong sweet flavor we recommend 5-8g.

Q: How much honey powder does 1kg of raw honey make?
A: Good honey should be above 80% honey solids so once we have taken all the water out there would be 800g left.

Q: Does honey powder mix in water?
A: Honey powder certainly can be mixed with water, cold water can take some physical effort.  Hot water mixes easily, so if you want a cold drink, dissolve it in hot water then place in the fridge for a delicious cold drink

Q: Why is there some difference in colour between your honey powders?
A: Whilst we try consistently provide the same honey powder time after time, it needs to be considered that in a ton of honey powder there will be many billions of bee flight collecting honey.  We can’t tell the bees where to go, so there will always be variability in the raw material we receive.

Q: How should I store the honey Powder?
A: We suggest keeping out of direct sunlight and below 25 degrees.  If this is not possible, place it in the refrigerator.  Remember once opened use it immediately or it can go sticky.

Q: how long can my honey powder last for?
A: Honey powder if stored properly can last for a very long time.  In fact honey is the only food that in its natural state will not spoil unless it gets too much water added to it.

Q: I am a diabetic. Can I use honey powder in my tea and coffee?
A: Whilst we love our honey products in our tea, we are food technologists and recommend you ask your physician for guidance.

Q: Can you make pure honey powder?
A: Yes we can though it is very tricky to work with because it goes sticky quickly.  Most of our conventional honey powder is at 80-90% Honey solids.

Q: Why does your honey powder go stick if left lying around?
A:  Unfortunately the higher the honey solid content the more hygroscopic the product is.  This is the only proof that you have in front of you a high purity honey powder.

Q: Why has my Honey powder tube gone into a hard block?
A: This is a very high purity honey powder, not only does it go sticky when out of its protective case, if it gets to hot it will melt then reform as a bar.  Don’t worry this is not a product defect it will still dissolve in hot water.  At least you know it is pure honey powder.

Q: Can I use honey powder in baking and on my breakfast cereals?
A: Yes Honey powder makes a great, mess free way to brighten up cereals, yoghurts and beverages.

Q: What honeys can be dried into powder?
A: All of them but just as they have different flavors in the jars the dried flavours can be very different too.  Ask us which one may best suit your product.

Q: Why should I use honey powder?

A: GMI Honey Powder has the same great flavor and taste as liquid honeys but is so much easier to use in industrial applications.  Imagine trying to mix liquid honey and milk powder!

Q: What is the difference between your honey powder and other honey powders on the market?
A: Our honey powder is produced in a unique patented drying method that preserves taste and flavor.  We generally have much higher honey solids (purity) dispersibility and particle size.

Q: Can you manufacture a range of particle sizes?
A: Yes we can. Please talk to us about your requirements and applications and we will try to help you.

Q: Can you provide technical help with my NPD team on how to best utilise your high grade honey powder?
A: Our technical team have had nearly 10 years’ experience working in industry with our honey powders and have successfully helped many factories to produce a great range of products.  Ask us how we can help you.

Q: Why is honey powder more expensive than sugar?
A: Sugar is one of the worlds most traded commodities and sells for approx. USD$950 /ton.  Liquid Honey can cost up to USD$30,000 for specialist honeys. 

Q: I am a beekeeper and I have my own hives, if I send my own honey to you, can you dry it for me?
A: We certainly can, there may be some legal requirements we have to adhere to but ask us how we can help you.

Q: Can your honey powder be exported?
A: honey powder is produced in a registered food factory and our products can be exported around the world.  Please ask us for more information

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